What is Dial 2 Learn ?


Dial2Learn by G-Cube is an easy, effective and economical way to create, deliver and evaluate training at great speed. Now reach out to your sales, service or delivery staff with short knowledge podcasts, conduct tests and surveys. Get detailed usage and performance reports and keep your staff updated and motivated – all at a fraction of your current spend.

ivr based learning overview


Delivering training to a large fleet of on-the-ground staff is tough. Multiple locations, availability of trainers, travel expenses, diverse learner backgrounds, loss of opportunity costs and most importantly, speed of reach – the challenges are many.
But training and information just HAVE TO BE DELIVERED and that too frequently. After all, there are new campaigns running and new staff waiting to be trained all the time. So how about a solution that uses basic mobile or landline phones as a powerful knowledge tool


How it Works

  • Step 1: Dial2Learn send training/ assessment/ survey details to learner community via SMS. It sends reminders until user attempt the training.
  • Step 2: Learners call All India Toll Free Number or get a call from Dial2Learn in their chosen language.
  • Step 3: Learner listens to learning content and attempt assessment or survey.
  • Step 4: Learning records sent to robust LMS and analytical reports emailed to business.

IVR Based Learning


Train your large fleet of on-the-ground staff. Address their diverse cultural, linguistic and educational backgrounds – deliver training and assessments in the local language. No more calling the learners to the training room for every update, refresher and assessment. Do it effortlessly on simple featured phones and even land lines. Deliver knowledge pills, product updates, news, regulatory and compliance requirements in minutes. Keep staff on the toes with periodic assessments, quizzes, knowledge checks Get clear picture of product and sales force performance with feedback campaigns and surveys


Pricing Model

Simply dial Dial2Learn. Dial2Learn allows you to choose postpaid plans as per the number of learners and the number of training programs you need to conduct. That gives you complete visibility of your expenses and their effectiveness.

To know more about Dial2Learn plans, call our representative at +91-120-4000-200 or write to info@gc-solutions.net

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  • "Having seen the sample work G-Cube had done for a large MNC in India, we decided to go ahead with them. When we saw the first set of deliverable they gave us, we were delighted! The team is highly professional, committed to the success of the projects as much as we are and comes up with innovative solutions. Moreover, the organization is very transparent in its pricing.
    Manager, HR | HSBC


  • "We are very pleased to work with G-Cube, for nearly three years now, on a number of Internet and software solutions. Their ability to help define and promptly execute complex projects, their sense of ownership, and the efficiency and constant friendliness of their staff are just some of the reasons why it is a pleasure for ICEF to work with G-Cube."
    Mr. Markus Badde | CEO, ICEF


  • "The LMS is the backbone of our learning strategy at Bajaj. With over 100 offices and branches across India and growing, we need a platform that can not only deliver learning fast but can also double up as a platform for organization wide skill assessment, training needs analysis, knowledge management, and scale to our growing needs. The Wizdom Web LMS provides us all the flexibility we need to make this happen.
    Mr. Ajay Das Gupta | L&D Manager


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